Skybox Imaging (now Terra Bella) was founded to pursue a simple new vision: to deliver timely, accessible, and affordable high-resolution satellite imagery and analytics to change the way that businesses make decisions, and people view the world. Through a planned constellation of 24+ satellites that capture sub-meter imagery and fullmotion video, Skybox will be able to provide imagery of any spot on earth multiple times per day, enabling the engines of our global economy to come into focus for the first time. Whether you are a first responder who needs imagery immediately following a natural disaster, a multinational agriculture company wanting to have a dashboard of your crop yields around the world, or a logistics company wanting to monitor your global supply chain activity – our products provide you an indispensable source of information to make better, safer, decisions in your daily lives.

Norwest Venture Partners has been a strategic partner for Skybox Imaging, and Promod Haque’s seasoned guidance has been extremely helpful to our team. Norwest’s portfolio services group has also added strategic value to our company in the areas where we needed it most at this stage of our growth. The team’s help in human resources – from compensation planning to recruiting – has been invaluable.

Tom Ingersoll, CEO


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