Recruit and retain the best employees in a highly competitive market.

With a keen understanding of the nuances and culture of each portfolio company,
Norwest’s talent specialists are a trusted partner in not only hiring and retaining great talent,
but strategically planning for resources now and in the future.


Targeted Recruiting

Finding the right talent for your growing team is one of the top challenges of building a successful company. Cultural fit is as imperative as the right skill set. Our team spends time with your team, gaining familiarity with your needs, your company’s personality and finding strategic thinkers and thought partners who could navigate your corporate culture. We make targeted calls to the right people, significantly reducing time-to-hire.

Talent Planning

We spend a lot of time with founders and CEOs up front to align talent needs with your company’s growth plan. We look at where you are today and where you want to be 12 months from now. We work with you to develop a detailed road map to determine not only who the right hires will be, but also the timing and best resources to get them in the door.

Compensation & Retention Band Planning

Compensation and retention band planning are key strategies for attracting and keeping the best talent. We help management teams with best practices and comparative data to balance funding and budget restrictions with recruiting needs. We also tackle issues of internal equity relating to current staff and determine how to keep your best people motivated and engaged.

Meet Our Team

Image of Kris SnodgrassImage of Kris Snodgrass

Kris Snodgrass

Kris Snodgrass
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Teri McFadden

Teri McFadden

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Tips for Rewarding and Energizing Sales Teams Through SPIFFS

Tips for Rewarding and Energizing Sales Teams Through SPIFFS

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Compensation Resources

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